Reply To: Losing it


I have done this my entire life and it seems no matter what I try nothing helps very much. I have particular places to put certain things like keys, sunglasses, mail (a basket inside the front door on the piano.) There is always something I’m missing and it drives me crazy until I find it. Just yesterday my order arrived with my new sunglasses. They are cheap and a special kind that goes over my regular glasses. It isn’t like it broke the bank but it is so frustrating to have to re-purchase items you know are somewhere in your home! I also struggle with the fact that my husband ‘borrows’ sunglasses, keys and many other things and never replaces them where I had them…no matter how many times I tell him. He refuses to work with me on this issue…well, he refuses to work with me on any and all issues including child rearing. I have replaced pizza cutters numerous times because he won’t take the time to check the empty pizza box before he throws it away. Refuses to even try!

Sometimes I look right at the lost item and still don’t see it. My family used to say that I would step right over what I was searching for and not even notice it. On top of that I have a problem with my eyes tracking. I can start out reading a line in a book and by the time I’m at the end of the line I have dropped down one or two lines. I had one eye doctor tell me I shouldn’t even be driving but I did get therapy after that.

Here is the real kicker. There is me, my husband and three young adult children and one daughter-in-law. Four of us live at home and five of the six have ADD with hyperactivity and one without. It is a madhouse here and always looks like a tornado went through every room.

I have been trying for more than twenty years to organize but constantly fail. I am somewhat better than I used to be but not by much. I have become more conscious of where I place things and that helps a little but I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life this way. I live with a chronic pain illness and diabetes and it make it that much harder to get things done.