Reply To: Losing it


What a mercy this thread has been. My despair usually appears when I feel I am the only one and that the issue is that I am loosing my mind. Aging and the complications of it do make it seem that it is worse, but objectively I don’t think that’s the case. It is always been a feature, hard to explain to others watching. I also think that the rhythms of urban life and in the workplace move now at a speed that makes it more likely I wil loose focus which in turn accounts for the misplacement of things . As I age I am also careful about choosing my words because it can look like dementia to an outsider. I know it is not because I’ve had it always. In spite the impressive collection of systems I have created over a lifetime – and which makes me look to some as a gifted organizer!- I still loose trivial and important objects all the time. A mantra that helps me catch my breath, especially in the presence of others, is to remind myself and them that ‘the management of things is not my strong suit of armor, I have other strengths.’ As said by others, panicking or self-hatred only makes things worse. I am taking to heart all the positive approaches and loving words above.