Reply To: Losing it


I know that feeling, have had it for decades. Hmph. I “lost” my cell phone this morning and didn’t have time to find it because I had to get to work. It’s at home somewhere. I know it is. I have lost things that I was blaming on someone else because I could not find it. (I work as a substitute teacher and work in different rooms and schools on a daily basis.) I have bone conducting headphones that I knew were snatched out of my bookbag/purse. I mentally gave the students a side eye for weeks. I made up my bed and there they were.

One thing that helps me is Command hooks. It would not solve the bun problem (because I would not ask anyone to hang up their buns while they made their burger). It does solve other things: I have two hooks at the door jamb for my keys. I have a hook on my headboard for my sleep masks (or whatever they call the thing that you use to cover your eyes to sleep) until they got old; I now use it for my reading glasses. I have Velcro strips for my remote controls (and that really works, especially when I use them–leaving the remote in the bed does not use the Velcro strip at all).

Please let us know what happened to the bun. On another note, the frustration doesn’t help but fill your body with more emotions than it really needs to expend on things. I have been there, spending minute after minute throughout the day trying to remember why I walked into a room, why I walked back to a different place, get diverted from tasks that might (MIGHT!) get finished hours later, think about doing things that I plan on doing that flutter out of my mind like floating feathers… the list goes on and on. Feeling angry about them will not change the situation. Mentally beating up yourself will not change the situation, either.

This got way too long. I will stop. 🙂