Reply To: Losing it


LynSuzanne, this is an excellent idea! I have running lists of things to do and eventually they get done, but what a sense of accomplishment when I can cross it off the list, so I think this is a good idea for lost things. I misplace things every day, and can spend days hunting, can’t give up. (Still searching for gloves lost several months ago.) I know it’s around somewhere and when it’s found I can often remember what I was doing at the time of “misplacement.” If I have something in my hand, I try to be extremely mindful of it, often telling myself to put it where I was taking it before becoming distracted and setting it down to do something else. I’m still looking for things lost a while ago, so I will start this list, which also helps keep the pressure off of having to remember to look for something lost. Yes, it’s all annoying as hell at the least the debilitating at the worst, but thank goodness for all of you who tell the same tales so we all feel like we’re not weird/stupid/alone.