Reply To: Losing it


I’m always losing stuff- the worst is when my husband immediately goes into emergency mode over it. If I could get back even half the money spent on books on how to “organize’ or “declutter” or stop losing things…well, Id probably lose that money too! But here is my advantage- I work in Special Ed with kids with ADHD that lose stuff all the time. I watched a kid lose a paper 3 times from one end of the room to the door! ANd so I am teaching them to face it with humor and when you can’t find something, don’t waste a ton of frustrating time over it- find the work around. Wasting the time over beating yourself up just adds to the frustration making it literally harder for your brain to find things. Seeing these kids get so upset about losing things and then seeing other teachers berate them for it was just too heartbreaking to not help them! So,now I have more perspective on these situations when it happens to me- I’m still frustrated, sad, freaked out, angry with people who don’t understand but I can remind myself that I am still a good person even if I don’t know where my buns are- right now. They will turn up later and I will have a laugh then. (Ever find your remote in the fridge? So much funnier later, not much at the time though) The worst is when you miss a turn when driving and it’s like waking up somewhere you sort of recognize but you feel lost- even though you know you can’t be more than 10 minutes from the house! Ugh, hate that! Hang in there.