Reply To: Losing it


Me too @Vianneyfranco23, I was even tested for early onset dementia, and other illnesses of the brain, it was just terrible!

I learned that I have to adjust my life to what I am capable of now, not what I was capable of in the past which was a lot more, unfortunately, but also with weekly migraines, which almost disappeared when I started medication ( dexamphetamin very low dose, 5 to 7,5 mg a day).

When I’m down I watch (or read my notes about) this episode of Star Trek: Voyager S6 E6 “Riddles”.
Tuvok the Vulcan has lost his memory and therefore his Vulcan logic, and Neelix is at a loss how to help him, and asks Seven of Nine, the former drone, for help.

Seven:”I lost many abilities that I had required as a drone, but I adapted.”
Neelix:”Because Captain Janeway didn’t give up on you. She kept trying to help you.”
Seven:”But not by restoring me to what I’d been — by helping me discover what I could become.”

So, adapt, and discover what YOU could become.

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