Reply To: Sleep Help


My kid had the same problem. This is how we fixed it. No screen time at least 1 hour before sleep (including computer work for school), bed time is 9:30pm (even if homework isn’t finished), I keep the temperature at the house quite cool in the evenings and I offer a lot of soft blankets included one weighted. I encourage reading in bed for the last 30 minutes before going to sleep. During dinner time, I offer 8-10oz of tart cherry juice, I buy Cherrybundi but you can find any other brand at any grocery store. Depending on need and if there is testing the next day then I would offer melatonin 1M. I haven’t had the need to increase the dose yet but that’s an option. I would run that by your HCP. Also, since my husband is a nutritionist, we have changed the kids diets plus offer supplements to aid with anxiety, focus and behavior. Anxiety was one of the reasons for staying awake in our case. Good luck!