Reply To: Losing it


You are not alone or crazy! I lose things all the time! My memory was getting so bad that I was losing days, I would have no recollection of what I’ve done, it was as if I was having a blackout that would last hours or days! I would start bawling and start thinking to myself, “I’m getting early onset dementia!!” I was so distraught by the lack of memory that I brought it up to my psychiatrist, he just suggested that I may have been under a lot more stress than usual. I would have to make myself post it notes everywhere just to remember things. I still lose my phone all the time. It’s very frustrating to live with these things l, but you sound like a very intelligent person, we all are. But with this forum and support, you will get through this. Has the crisis hotline helped you in any way? When I figure out any suggestions, I will let you know :). Just know you are not alone…and I’ve found many things in the refrigerator that did not belong there, and sometimes the trash or dirty clothes hamper 😜