Reply To: Losing it


Dear people,

You’re both not crazy, and yes, it is part of Adhd, I have it too. Yesterday I lost my son’s travelcard, which was in my hand a minute before. I was supposed to bring him to his father, who makes a big deal of lost items. I searched for it for 30 minutes. It drove me crazy. My son had been ill, and still had a headache, so I arranged for him to stay with me longer. Ten minutes later I found it , I had put it near the door on top of some other items.

@2wheelz, some things to consider; do you have a pet or a child in the house ( or a parner) who could have taken your half bun, or maybe you’ve accidentally thrown it in the thrash with the veggie rests? ( or in something else nearby) or eaten it, without realizing? ( the last thing happens to me a lot, when I’m distracted while eating, like watching tv, my child who asks things, a phone call, etc.)

I usually find things again when I don’t need them anymore. I also noticed that hormonal fluctuations, taking care of a child, getting older, lack of sleep, stress, and people around that distract you make things much worse. What helped me is getting medicated, a divorce, another job, exercise, and dramatically decreasing my possessions (still working on that one 😉).

If possible, try to do only one thing a the time, finish that before starting something else (like also getting a drink in the mean time or answering the phone, or finding your child’s missing toy, when making your sandwich).

There is not one solution to this problem it usually takes more than one in my experience.

Hope this helps.

Greetings from a kindred spirit!