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I am an ADHD mother with 6 amazing ADHD kids. When i take Ritalin my day goes smoothly and im running my house beautifully and attending to all my kids physical and emotional needs.
When i dont take Ritalin my day goes by with allot of tension, we just swing it , rush it, forget it, find it just make it and a then go a little (too) late to bed.

I look at myself after I clean up , do homework or listen to my teen tell me a long boring story about school, and i think “most people take having attention for granted” Simple little tasks that i can do effortlessly with Ritalin make me feel proud not depressed. WHY? everyone else doesn’t have so many opportunities to appreciate the little things. they don’t notice “wow you put that salt shaker back right away after you used it”! “omg my car keys are in my bag and not on some anonymous counter” “GO ME!”
love yourself and your accomplishments.! make a list every evening of all the things you managed today , all your successes and email it to yourself . enjoy you! celebrate you! and dont think of all the things your losing out on only on the things you are accomplishing and gaining (adhd tend to focus on “what am i constantly losing out on and why me”)

you have so many opportunities to feel proud and wonderful about yourself. Ritalin is a gift! I accept that my brain is made the way it is so lets find all the great things about it and fill our days with success!