Reply To: Losing it


Does any one else lose things so much that it messes with your sense of reality? What, if anyhing, can be done about it?

All the time. But I have found that if I start to get worked up, it gets even worse.

I usually try to stop, take a minute and breathing exercises. Then I just tell myself, wow okay, someone else needed that more than I did. It has helped a lot. But, if it’s my car keys or phone, I still get frazzled, but not nearly as bad.

LifeStartsNow: you just wrote my biography, all of it. But, you are not stupid! Not in the least. I know it is very hard to accept, but you are still very intelligent.

What I find helps is to have a list of the things I have achieved and look at it when I get like this. To show myself that I am still the person that did that, but I’m just a bit “slower” now. When I first started the technique it didn’t work. After a few weeks it started to help. Just keep at it.

And regarding the organization, perhaps that same inner critic is also telling you that you’re not the organizational guru any longer.

I think you noticed the tight scheduling and sounds like me, well that and the inability to say “no” like, ever. Maybe that would be a good place to start? Although time related, I think that might tie-in with the focus and concentration issues(it does for me). Even if this does nothing for being interrupted, which makes me snap, maybe it’s a good place to start?

Not sure if that helps much, but I hope it provides some perspective, which is so difficult for us to see when we’re in the thick of it.

You will get through this, even when it seems that you can’t.