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Howdy 🤠
I just wanted to make a few comments in response to many of the comments on this thread.

1) How many of you have had genetic testing done to see how YOUR body chemistry metabolizes medicine? They can pinpoint specific ADHD drug that work/don’t work with your own body chemistry! If a medication in the Aderall family doesn’t work and a Ritalin family does (or vice versa) you may actually have a genetic problem that interferes with the metabolism of that drug. After being tested and then being switched to Aderall based drugs, it was like night and day!

2) If your Psychiatrist is not listening to you and continues to prescribe medicine that is not helping you achieve optimal results – GET A NEW DOCTOR!! My husband is a Psychiatrist, double board certified in Adult and Child/Adolescent psychiatry and would never tell someone to “drink coffee” or be unwilling to work with the patient on medication and dosages. A good physician is not a closed minded bigot! ADHD medication dosage changes are part of being on the medication for long periods of time, among other things, like weight, other medication, etc. A really good psychiatrist will not accept insurance, the compensation is not in line with the training, expertise and liability in most of the US. (source APA Dec or Jan 2020) In 11 states, a General practitioner is compensated 50% more than a psychiatrist (who also went to medical school but then spent many extra years training to specialize!) Why would you have faith in a Dr that gets $33 per 15 minute med check vs cash only psychiatrists? The manager of Starbucks earns more than the $33 psychiatrist. (an insurance company actually called my husband to offer this amount! He asked if the person calling would take $3/hr instead of what he was being paid!! LOL)

3) Generic medicine is not as good as brand. Generics can vary from the label drug strengt up to 25% so a 20mg pill can actually be anywhere from 15 to 25mg!! Brand is much stricter and so you are more likely to get what you are supposed to. There are a lot of complaints about cerian generic manufacturers of ADHD drugs. Make note of the ones that don’t work for you and don’t get the prescription filled with inferior medication. Also make sure you complain about any manufacturer to the FDA – there are forms on their website.

I hope that some of this info is helpful!