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I’m sorry to say that I have no help to offer. This thing you guys are describing is probably the most frustrating and entire-day-ruining aspect of ADHD/anxiety for me. Reading all of your descriptions of the experience feels like you’re inside my own brain explaining something that I have never been able to adequately communicate to others (which can make me feel crazy sometimes!) It has driven me bananas for years. You know when you’re in a car and the driver stops short and the seat belt locks across your chest as your body lurches forward? When I have something scheduled (no matter how tiny), until that thing is done, it’s like my brain is getting whiplash from that seatbelt every time I try to make a move. Sometimes my muscles actually feel physically stuck if it’s a high anxiety kind of day. Anyway, I think the validation I just experienced from you guys has helped me more than anything else. So thanks for that :]