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I don’t understand why these websites say to “tell your doctor” anything…my psych is an ass and so uptight that I can’t even talk to him about anything. I’ve been going to him over 3 years, and 4 months ago he lowered my dose of adderall because on 1 visit “I seemed a little excited”!! This lower dose doesn’t do anything for my ADHD and he refuses to up it and said “drink coffee like the rest of us”. I have to see him every 3 months because he said it’s required by law! Since I don’t have insurance (by choice), there are very few psychs that I can afford. I would probably be considered a “drug seeker”, too. If I was on a proper dose of adderall, or if he would even LISTEN when I tell him that some of the mfg. generics do NOT work, I would not have to find another doctor. So, what recourse do I have if my adderall is not effective? I have even contacted many of the mfg’s only to get a huge runaround. As it is now, I run out of my script after 2 weeks because of all this and every single month I have to go thru 2 weeks of withdrawal.