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Penny Williams

It’s not easy and it takes a lot of awareness and work. However, changing your mindset is the absolute most helpful thing for our kids. I talk a lot About this on my podcast.

Acceptance and letting go is a big part of it. Accepting the diagnosis, the challenges, that they may not achieve all your visions for them, that they can follow a different path and a different vision of “success.”

Letting go of the societal standards and all the little things that just aren’t important enough to stress about. One clear example is letting go of the idea that good grades and a 4-year college diploma are essential to life success. They are not. That is such a fallacy that we’ve bought into in this culture for far too long.

Parent your individual child to become their version of successful and happy.

This episode of the Life Coach School Podcast actually spurred my mindset shift and changing my perspective. I found it looking for a better way, tired of feeling like a victim of my circumstances and tired of being so stressed.

From there I googled a lot on what makes people happy. Stumbled across the idea of the psychological victim vs. the psychological survivor (Dale Archer and others) and that really provided another big shift.

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