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Which ADHD documentary did you watch?

What you’re experiencing is normal. It’s not unusual to feel like you haven’t found your place or direction. It can take some time. I heard good advice once, “Follow your effort, not your passion.” Basically, what do you actually put time into and enjoy doing? Don’t think about what you would do as a dream job or makes you passionate, because passions change and turning a passion into work can quickly burn you out. What are some of the things you enjoy about your current job or the things you studied in school? What’s something you could see yourself doing for a couple of years or more?

Are there other barriers getting in the way of you committing to something?

There are no easy answers other than to give yourself time and feel free to explore things as much as is safe. It’s not always a possibility to chase a new career or try on different hats, but when you get the opportunity it can be worthwhile. Starting by volunteering is always a good way to test the waters.

Good luck!