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I’m sorry to hear the difficulties you’re confronting — though I’m glad you took the time to share.
I, too, could not tolerate Amneal. It’s so bad I stopped taking it. Fortunately, I managed to resolve my situation. It was an effort, but I prevailed. I support you to do the same.
My success was the result of multiple communications. First, I contacted Walgreens Pharmacy staff and store manager. Next, I wrote and phoned Walgreens corporate. Finally, someone in their corporate customer care department heard me. He was awesome. My local Walgreens must’ve gotten some heat; their responsiveness improved dramatically.
The pharmacy manager found another generic that works fine. I haven’t had any issues since.

The new generic is called JJ Patriot (or just Patriot). I recommend it.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reaching out.

– Craig