Reply To: Flunking College

Penny Williams

There right therapist can help for sure, but a coach might be a better fit for this. An ADHD or EF coach can help to develop custom strategies for success with your college student, and hold them accountable to using them. And, the great thing about a coach is that geography doesn’t matter, they work over phone and online video conferencing.

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I’d also take a good hard look at the possibility that your child isn’t ready for college on their own. It’s a huge transition for neurotypical kids who are performing at age-appropriate development, but our kids with ADHD are 2-3 years behind their peers in many areas, sometimes more (my son is 17 and his executive functioning is that of a 7 year old). Taking a couple years off, doing a gap year program, or starting with community college at home are common paths for teens/young adults with ADHD.

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