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I suffered chronic fatigue syndrome for many year I as well couldn’t work for so many years,I broke my spine in 2009 which put me in a huge lull for along time,I was tired all the time I didnt have a job for 10 years,I felt lost,I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was four,I’ve been on Stims on and of my whole life for me it was the right stim that would pull me out of the darkeness,im on 50mgs of VyvNse at the moment and have been for a few months npw,its been the icing on the cake (knock on wood) you mentioned you might have ADD if so I’d get checked our which I believe you already have,stims might help with the CFS,they also might help take your mind off of the issue,hope things work out for you,any questions I’m here to listen.