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I’ve been on adderall for ADHD since 2001. Currently take 1 30mg XR AND 3x 20mg per day (90 mg total-some days I don’t take the full 90mgs but most days I need it to stay focused for demanding work days)- both are generic. Helped me stay focused in college and graduate school, but in the last few years something seems off. 2019 in particular. I’ve always weighed heavy for 5’4” at around 150lbs but I was down to 130s after undergrad and during grad school and maybe 140s until this year, 2019– I am at my heaviest weight of all time-165 lbs! Something has to be wrong. I exercise regularly-almost everyday and my diet is relatively healthy with occasional cheat days (donuts, pizza, and tacos). I think it’s hormonal, maybe age-related (37yo female no children). My psychiatrist has recommended a newer drug called Mydayis but I’m nervous to try something different because most days adderall does make a difference. I just can’t deal with the weight gain. Would love to know if anyone has had success with Mydayis?