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If the doc who declared that the patient didn’t have ADHD based on the limited info you provided, then the doc is wrong. I had a similar experience but not enough knowledge to question the diagnosis. With the knowledge I have now, I would have gotten a second opinion.

Please note that I don’t know all the nuances of the decision that the patient didn’t have ADHD and the doc may have come to this conclusion based on other info, but proper testing requires that the provider look beyond the “recipe”.

Every patient has a story that must be strongly considered.

Unfortunately, there are some providers who practice psychiatry by only going through a flow-chart or recipe. Until the patient is truly stabilized, it’s important to find professional help that distinguish disorders and illnesses with similar presentations but different treatments.

For example, although they have some symptoms that overlap, the medical treatments for BP and for ADHD can be very different and, if misdiagnosed, have disastrous results.

Hope this helps.

[Qualifier: I’m not a doc and, even if I was, you aren’t my patient. Never take my advice over that of a licensed healthcare professional.]