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Hi, thank you both for your ideas. If I can’t find anything by Jan 16th when my disability is up I’ll be looking for another Union and also started the application process and background check for Lyft while I’m looking for something that suits me. I would love to become a psychiatrist after going through what I went through. Kim you mentioned doctors and RN’s. After I read a book on ADHD and how psychiatrist will be almost obsolete in the next couple of decades, I really though about it and started research but I just paid off $100,000 for stupid culinary school. Had a huge passion for cooking and loved it while I did it but now? No passion for it what so ever and even cooking at home my anxiety shoots up and I feel like crap when I’m cooking now. Anyway, putting much more time and money into Psychiatry seems almost pointless if the passion will run out again. Besides cooking, with every job, after two years I burned out and got so bored. Just stayed with as an organizer because of the benefits or I would have been gone awhile ago too.

Penny, a lot of what I said already is kind of what you said. I have found that an RADT doesn’t take a degree. Just some online classes. Ultimately if everything goes planned and I don’t get bored. I’d like to help my wife with her business. She’s a therapist and works for a company and has her own practice going. I’m taking the first calls for her already. Asking questions of what the client is going through. Screening pretty much. Doing data entry for her and starting to market a bit on social media. What I’d like to also contribute is running groups under her but am finding that most group leaders have to have a degree. I’m still not sure if that’s just the companies requirements or the states. Of course there are some groups I couldn’t lead that actually require more than just processing, group conversations and some education so I know I will have to stay away from some specialties but its hard to find what is possible and not.

Til then is what I’m scared of and my pride is getting in the way of. I feel at times I’m going out of my mind. Today I’m having a good day but when I’m actually searching for info and jobs and see how much I’d be making I go into a dark place and its hard to pull myself out. Anyway, thanks for the ideas. I’ll keep searching and looking for that open door that should be open since the last just shut on me. ;