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Thank you to all who’ve posted .. I have taken conconcerta for years… About 9 months ago, my pharmacy changed to the generic by Amneal Pharmaceuticals… 9 months ago, I’ve been reverting tto pre treatment days… I’ve been noticably “off”. I couldn’t figure it out. My family depends on me being sharp… I’m a care giver in addition to holding a full-time position requiring strict attention to details. I was offered an incredible opportunity to that required me to write a simple one paper… Could never get it done, missed benefit sign up deadlines, actually left my cell with cell wallet complete with cards on top of my car, lost a storage locker of a deceased family member because I kept forgetting to bring documents to the pffice,awkward conversation responses, time management struggles, had several near miss accidents from turning too soon,/late and the list is longer than this. Worse, I’ve gone from feeling confident to unsure… Thank you for posting. I am afraid not to take my meds… Has anyone stopped taking their meds?