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I am 21, a college student, and I work in the medical field. I finally came to terms with my ADHD after my last relationship ended and I realized that my ADHD sent me into manic, and emotional outbursts. I also consider myself very intelligent, and so have a majority of my teachers, and professors throughout my life, but as I am sure you all have heard the saying< “______, you need to apply yourself! You’re so smart, and could accomplish so much if you tried!” Thing is I always tried. I have always been the kid that aced exams, and even took the lead during group projects (probably because of my need for everything to be done the way I want it to be done; Someone please tell me you do the same), but I always struggled with doing classwork, and homework because I felt as if it was boring, and I’d rather stare at a wall, read a book, or draw. When I was in 4th grade, my teacher thought I had a learning disability because I had straight D’s. Since I was in private school at the time, my mom asked the public school district to intervene so I could be tested. They monitored, and tested me for 2 weeks, and came to the conclusion that I was advanced in science, math, and reading/writing, but that my teacher did not know how to teach a kid with ADHD. At 21, my current age, I went to my family doctor, and he prescribed me with Vyvanse 10mg originally. I flourished on Vyvanse. I was showing up EARLY for work, finishing school assignments, and test prep about two weeks in advance. I had a coupon the first month, so the prescription was free. My doctor thought that it would only cost roughly 20 dollars a month due to my insurance being covered by my hospital. While the insurance covered a good portion of the medication, I was still left to pay 150 a month. I am a poor college kid, and my mom who is an RN is on medical leave for a cervical spine injury, so I could not front the money. My doctor switched me to Adderall 20mg. I got the generic from CVS and it was by Aurobindo. I noticed I began getting sick. Nausea, heavy mood swings, headaches, not wanting to do anything, and my hormonal acne (from PCOS) got WORSE when my skin had been pretty clear for two years. My grades began dropping when I had an average of 3.9 that semester. I probably failed one course because of a lack of wanting to study. I researched Aurobindo and I noticed others were having bad reactions. I just switched to TEVA generic today so I guess I will see how it goes. I will say, do NOT take Aurobindo’s Adderall generic. I do not recommend whatsoever, unless you like anxiety, mood swings, nausea, etc.