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Penny Williams

Not everyone is knowledgeable about ADHD. Some people are ignorant on the subject and choose to stay that way. You won’t change this person’s mind, so you have to learn to manage your own reactions to them. Their opinion truly doesn’t matter. They are not your child’s parent. They do not know the facts of ADHD. You can allow them to ruin your day, or you can put on your armor and decide that their opinion doesn’t matter to you and not let it penetrate.

I know anxiety is tough, I have it myself. In the beginning the judgment of everyone around me — even strangers in the grocery store — crushed me. Then I realized that my son was what mattered, that my son was having a hard time, and I was able to control my concern about the opinions of others and my own anxiety and emotions at those times.

Bottom line, you can’t control that person, but you can control how you respond and what emotions you attach to it.

Hang in there!

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