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Have you ever wondered if part of your wife’s anxiety and depression could be related to dealing with your ADHD?
Part of it could be. I have a 30 year history of depression off and on, and most of my depression is situational. I was married to an abusive man for years and most of my depression was my reaction to how he treated me.
Another thing. I agree with what someone else posted as a reply about things improving in your marriage. In order for your wife to believe what you’re telling her and for things to get better between you she has to see change not just change for short-term but lasting, long-term change. Unfortunately there are marriages where the partner has put up with so much for so long that they are just done. That was the case with my ex-husband and I, at least on my part. I hope it is not too late for you and your wife and that healing can take place.

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