Reply To: It started with phentermine


Hello, well because of this thread I talked to my psychiatrist about how phentermine took all my anxiety away and did so much more for me. I am a kaiser patient so that psychiatrist only spent about 15 minutes with me every 2 months or less. I have been on disability for 6 months now because I can’t function with the panic attacks and SI i was having. I went through 5 different anti-depression/anxiety meds and none worked. Kaiser has a “return to work board” and they were forcing me to go back to work after 2 months of being on disability yet I was still having passing suicidal thoughts and panic attacks because my anxiety was constantly at a 7/10. Even just sitting down watching TV. Needless to say Kaisers system is broken. Yes it was only a $5 co pay but I wasn’t getting the help needed. I sought out a psychiatrist outside of kaiser which I had to pay out of pocket. Dr. Brown (great scotts) is an amazing psychiatrist. I see him for at least 45 minutes each time, sometimes longer if needed. He answers texts and phone calls when I really need help in the moment. Anyway, I also told him about this forum and all the similarities i share with everyone here and my experience on phentermine. I also still go and get the phentermine and hoard it just in case. Well, Doc Brown listened and decided to try Adderall (however you spell that). It’s helped but its nothing like phentermine. Age 35 and never knew I had ADD. My anxiety has gone way down but now my depression isn’t being overshadowed by the anxiety so I think I still need some med searching. This is more than I wanted to write but to the one who is chasing down her doc every few weeks, if you live in LA (specifically diamondbar) california area. I highly suggest Doctor Paul Brown. He listens and he’s not sketchy at all. Another thing thats helped me is that once I realized I have ADD I searched for books on ADHD. There is a great one I listened to called “I always want to be where I’m not”. It’s helped me immensely in understanding my whole life!