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My ex husband did not have ADHD. He was, and still is a narcissist…truly. I put up with his criticism with everything about me, from the way I dressed to the way I handled our children. His gaslighting of me was so bad, I thought I was the problem, that everything was my fault, even if what he was angry about had nothing to do with me…like the time his business partner siphoned $25,000 out of the business account. He came home in a rage and took it out on me. It took me 10 years to leave him, and I’m glad I did. I pissed away my youth on a man that was incapable of treating me with respect. When I left, I was an unemployed stay at home mom with children ages 14 and 8. I had no money, and no place to live until the spousal/child support checks came in. I had to take money out of my retirement account to set us up in a rental. I struggled for years, but not having to walk on eggshells, in fear of his anger everyday was worth it.