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I feel your pain. Diagnosed at 63, that’s right I said it 63. Living almost an entire life with parents, friends, and other family members saying “What the hell is wrong with you?” or when I opened my own salon “Well I quess you have a place to run your mouth.” I really feel your pain. The reason you feel alone is we need more press more groups, associatons, become a force to be reckoned with, so that we are not considered drug addicts because we take adderall!!!
My mother lived an entire life (she”s 86) on Dexatrim a diet aid to lose weight. I was on diet pills for years and had to listen to “Why aren”t you losing weight?” My physcharitrist said its like you are a “Hit and Run” and trust me I can Look back and see that he was right. Find friends who support you and surround yourself with them.The jokes are because their nervous they don’t know what to say they think a joke is ok. Tell them how they can help you, Remind me of a project that’s coming up because you know you are going to forget.tell me to hush or get to the point when I’m rambling. Help me organize my room teach me how to use my phone for timing and reminders. Unfortunately the world hasn’t caught up with us yet. Thank God you’re not 63. You can do this!