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As someone that lasted 22 years of being married
To a husband that was in complete denial and two lots lots of failed marriage therapy I decided to lealeave as I was so unhappy and stressed. The feelings of anger, constant stress by the impact of his behaviours was just too much in the end. In had
Panic attacks , severe eczema and my immune system was shot to pieces That was five years ago .The strestress of the divorce caused me to lose my hair and and I officially have autoimmune disease and defideficiencies. I can honestly say though I really tried and my two children now young adults ( son with diagnosed add) had a happy childhood as I protected them from my feelings. I know much of the advice is about staying and working it out but ultimately it comes down to you or them and your healhealth and mental well being. I have a great relationship with him now I am not married to him andso does my children. It took awhile and it was.traumatic for the first year or two but now he has a relationship with someone who is not an empath and that seems be working well for them both. I have married another empath and my life has been transformed . It is not failure to give up a marriage, it takes huge strength and resilience.