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I am 42 years old. I was told since the eighties (when ADD received a lot of media coverage) that I was definitely ADD. Not particularly liking a label, I just ignored this hoping that I’d “out grow” it. That is laughable. So, as I grew older and very frustrated by my struggles I began asking for help and learning more about ADHD. I am a high school science teacher and work with around 150 kids a day. A few years, ago before I began learning more about ADHD, I thought I could identify the “typical” ADHD kid (they’re just like me right?). WRONG! Now that I’ve been reading a lot more it has really shifted my perspective and caused me to think there really are a lot more people who struggle with whatever it is that creates difficulties with memory, impulse control, emotional volatility, difficulty starting or completing projects, time management, depression, anxiety, etc. Our brains have as much variation as our faces, yet our education system (and society at large) acts as if our age alone should determine where we are in our lives. I would advise the OP to be careful dismissing the mental health struggle of others. My mind has definitely been opened, in the past I would find myself questioning a student’s diagnosis because it didn’t match my preconceived notion yet, with more and more knowledge about ADHD, I’m starting to open my mind to the possibility that there are many more people who struggle more than necessary due to undiagnosed ADHD.