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*** IN WRITING- Write a letter to your step son’s school requesting IEP/504 Services, Learning Disability Testing, as well as Gifted Testing. The school will have 30 days to start the process – it’s the law (and we will all help walk you along with it).
– You can initiate an ’emergency 504 Plan’ which will go thru faster than a regular IEP (individual education plan) and allow him to recieve academic accomadations almost immediatley.
– Under this you can request that homework be completed during school like study hall or request he be allowed extensions on turning in homework at a later date. I’ve seen some where the school agreed to let the student turnin the homework whenever they could as long as it was before the end of that quarter.
-if he has an agressive temperament for example – you can request a positive behavior plan to where faculty would need to respond in such a way that it does not antagonize, increase, or cause his anxiety, agression, anger, depression etc. to continbue to escelate. if he is getting frustrated he could be allowed to raise his hand and ask that he take a 5 minute breather from the environment and get some energy out or go talk to the counselor…

just a couple ideas of what a 504 plan can do to help.

Once you make that request in writing, make sure you have a copy and keep a journal of all the dates and meetings, and make sure you get copies of all of his academic recordss. these will come in handy in the future. sometimes programs and support services require a track record of x-amount of behavior or lack of in order to recieve the help you’ll need.

My son is 10 – i thought he was delayed….. turns out his IQ was 129, and he is gifted – He also struggles with ADHD severe combined type, and a few other diagnosis.
he just got home from school – I love this topic so if you’d like to reach out to me, i have a buttload of recent resources and more information on ADHD and mental health. i think i can lend a hand 🙂