Reply To: School Help

Jen Hutcheson

I am brand new to this site, and the first thing I read was your post, Cheryl. My first thought was, how incredibly fortunate that boy is to have a step mom who cares so deeply about him, recognizes he wants to do well but is struggling, and is committed to helping him. Love and support alone cannot fix his problems, but they are foundational to his self-esteem and ultimately to his success in life. My wonderful son is now 27 years old. We paid for psychoeducational testing later in high school and, based on what was found, he was given some accommodations like a quiet environment to write tests and additional time. These things helped him, but were only a piece of the puzzle. We were not told about ADD or pointed in the direction of books or sites such as ADDitude. I did not have resources to help me put in place strategies for helping him to be more organized. Throughout school I helped him way more than my husband thought I should, in particular on projects that required multiples steps and organization. Everything took him way longer than it took his friends. He knew I was always there for him, which helped keep his anxiety in check, and this is all-important. He succeeded academically in high school, and then was able to get a college diploma for a trade without any help from me. We have only recently realized he has ADD, and me too, to a lesser degree, and now our weaknesses and struggles make sense. I hope you find some resources that help you support your boy, and that you find the effort as rewarding as I have. Bless you for caring so deeply.