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Rehab F

You have no idea how enlightening this post is to me.. First i am really sorry to hear what you are going through 🙁 Honestly I haven’t come across the word empath before, but when you posted this and i read about it.. i realized i am an empath too and I’ve been married to an Adhd husband for 11 years.. he’s the love of my life but these years have been really difficult especially the first 4 years I didn’t know that he had adhd even he didn’t. Until our daughter was diagnosed I started reading a lot about it and discovered that he too has it but he refused to believe so until last year I practically dragged him to psychologist who diagnosed him with adhd but didn’t prescribe any medication nor did he come up with a plan! It was v frustrating for both of us.. he’s been angry and in rage for almost his entire life, bored, easily frustrated and put down.. it breaks my heart seeing him like this..As an empath i completely ignored myself and my feelings and focused solely on him, how to make him feel better, how to encourage him, walking on egg shells the whole time of course.. i did everything perfectly but the thing is it is never enough (he knows everything i do n he appreciates it all) but he keeps getting in and out of relationships every couple of months.. I cannot understand why? And he says he doesn’t know why.. he has no feelings towards them and he finds no pleasure but he cannot say no ehen someone approaches him.. i am so confused.. is it because of Adhd or is it just him? I don’t understand and unfortunately doctors here in my country do not give Adhd much care because i tried seeing another doctor alone this time but it was the same he took things lightly 🙁 we had a huge fight when i knew he started taking to his colleague at work and seeing her outside work.. i am tired, hirt and worn out i am considering leaving but we have two kids who adore him and the idea would devastate them.. I don’t know what to do