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Hopelessme, Your post struck me, hard! Im a newly diagnosed psychologist (yes, you read that correctly) of 35, ADHD…I also am a HSP. I’m so glad that someone brought up NPD. Very under diagnosed, I think mostly b/c those with NPD don’t see themselves as having any issue. They project their shortcomings onto others. My partner also has multiple diagnoses including ASD and BPD..can be pretty selfish and impulsive….and has Never, not once, Ever treated me as if my opinions, feeling, needs, thoughts, don’t matter. I also have family members who are undiagnosed NPD. Does he treat your children this way also? Are you all walking on eggshells? I have to remind myself, and I encourage you to remember that you are valuable and worth far more than how you obviously see yourself. I would also like to remind you, that your children will emulate what they see/hear. They will look to you AND YOUR SPOUSE for guidance, support, how to think, look, and act. Be the person you want them to be, and best of luck. P.S. if you can, seek counseling if you haven’t already!

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