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I’m replying to myself to say that I saw in your follow up posts that he has been diagnosed and is taking some type of med, and I agree with another member that the meds could need adjustment. I was taking 20mg adderall and lost 20-pounds which made my dosage become too high and turned up the dial on my impulsiveness. I dropped to 15mg maximum and feel more in alignment again. Also, a connection that I doubt there is research on, is between deep sleep and medication. Per my Fitbit (which may not be perfect but helps as a guide) I’ve noticed a correlation between my amount of deep sleep and medication needs (less deep sleep requires more meds). I’ve also spotted a correlation between eating sugar or drinking beer close to bed time and my deep sleep. Net-net, I believe that eating and drinking late and interrupted sleep makes the following days medication level more unreliable. There are a lot of reasons to get a good night’s sleep and to have good eating habits, but helping your partner in these areas could also help you manage the impact of his ADHD on your life.