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ADHD occurs on a spectrum do not everyone will experience to the same degree you do. The severity of impact on one’s life from their adhd behaviors can also vary across the life span.

I actually think upwards of 25% of the population could have some level of true adhd but there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. The increase in data and information over the last decade will OF COURSE lead to more people being diagnosed — GOOD! Many of them have probably been struggling up to the point of Dx.

Then there are those whose lives allow them to flourish with adhd and never get a diagnosis so they aren’t counted in the statistics.

Then there are all the varying co-conditions that most of us have at least one of. Combine that with life experiences, access to resources, and levels of social privilege and of course not everyone diagnoses with ADHD will experience it just like you do. Or even similarly to you, sometimes.