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Thank you for writing and being here for me now. I am not alone because of that. You are not alone too. Anytime you need, please write and Ill be here for you . Recovering after night arguments are hardest. The last one I had with my husband was barely an argument. Usually when I put my head on the pillow my tears start rolling ( yes, I know , I’m broken quite a bit) .so he asked “ what’s up”and I ( yes, hope dies last) said “ Im grieving about how our relationship went and having hard time accepting it” . And? He said “ makes no sense to me “ and turned away. Done. I’m not allowed to disturb him at night or he goes raging. That left me torn apart and for a while howling almost like an animal and not a person anymore. Next morning he acted Like nothing happened. And I tried to act calm because showing any pain or sadness costs me a lot with him.
I’m glad you sam me as optimist. Maybe I do indeed have it in me 🙂 hopefully.