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Hi hopelessme. This is my very first reply on this site, and I’ve been an ADDitude subscriber for almost 10 years. Your story resonated with me as I’m mentally recovering from a conflict my husband and I had last night. Our stories are so much the same.

Just wanted you to know you’re not alone. Keep yourself emotionally stable and hold on to the truth. It’s a struggle to not get manipulated by his behavior, but don’t let him take your joy. You sound like you’re an optimist- you look at a problem as an opportunity rather than a failure. I feel so sorry that our husbands live their lives with closed hearts.

I also want to say “I’m sorry”. For all the times he should have said it but didn’t, or he said it only because you reminded him, and then he said it with anger rather than compassion: I want you to hear the phrase “I’m sorry” from someone who truly understands. These are the conversations we’re starving for… I’m praying for you- for comfort and peace and the support you need. God will provide.