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I am having the same problem with my doctor. This is what I xposted in Reddit.
So, I’ve been on and off stimulant and non-stimulant medication for the better part of 50 years.

My doctor recently started doing routine drug testing of his patients who take Schedule II stimulants, of which Concerta is one. When he informed me of this, I did notify him of one other substance generally considered not dangerous that would show up, but he informed me that his concern was that the patients were not taking the drug but rather selling it. He even said he had one patient, in his 60s, who he removed from the medication because he didn’t test positive for Concerta.

Here’s the deal, I know that I’ve been taking my Concerta at the same time every god-damned day. I went in, and did my drug test about 5 days before my visit. I went in, and he told me in the office that I would need to take another drug test, as I wasn’t testing “positive for Concerta.” (I am taking it, I have no reason to lie here). I took the second drug test. I do not recall if he said that I tested, “negative for amphetamines” or “negative for concerta.”

I called in to request a renewal today. It was denied.

I immediately went and did a drug test through a small company, which gives you real time results, but you can also send into a lab. I tested negative for Amphetamines.

I called and talked to one of the lab technicians on the phone (a small company in PA) and described the above situation. He said that the situation seemed odd. He informed me that upon mailing in the sample, they will produce results that test specifically for Methylphenidate. He also told me to follow up with him on the results of this entire episode.

This is my strategy:

I intend to view the results of my test at the above site. If I test positive for Methylphenidate, I will do the following:

Make an appointment with my doctor who denied my prescription.

I will tell him of the above results. I will also say that while he has no way of knowing whether or not I am telling the truth, I will request a Hair Follicle TEST that specifically tests for Methylphenidate.

In the meantime, I will ask him for a non-controlled substance for treating ADHD. I do have it.

I will be seeking verification on the internet somewhere that demonstrates that Methylphenidate is NOT an amphetamine. I’ve seen it posted in this forum a few times, but I need an objective, peer-reviewed and/or clinical concrete statement to the equivalent, so that I can tell my doctor that the test is inadequate.

If this fails, I will first file a complaint with the clinic in question

The complaint will center around Methylphenidate vs Amphetamines. It will also include the anecdote that he told me about kicking another patient off of Methylphenidate.

If the above complaint fails at the clinic, I will “take it higher.”

Do you all have any other recommendations?