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So I wonder if maybe a more holistic approach would be more effective for you. My 10 yearold son has Severe ADHD (tested at 95%) and is currently taking Vyvance at 60mg. We saw his lack of appetite and moodiness as well. But after about 5 months the mood swings became less frequent at 4 times a week compared to daily. But then we also took a look at his diet and sleeping patterns. As a test we removed cow dairy, added sugars (listed as such on labels), red dye 4, blue dye 40, tried gluten free. We only removed one at a time for like a month. There maybe other possibilities diet wise as well you may need to try. We learned that our son has a cow milk only intolerance which in turn made the mood swing almost nonexistent. (Side learning is we found out that my wife and I also have a cow milk intolerance) Less products he eats on a regular basis without Gluten helped his focus. Also found even though he was sleeping it was not really good quality of sleep (found lemon worked way better than lavender in a diffuser at night). We do not give him his meds on days off from school to give a great idea how well the diet and sleep adjustments were doing on their own. The weighted blanks we saw no improvement with him but he refuses to sleep without it and he says it helps him. The school is looking at mainstreaming him 100% out of the Austum class and we are looking at possible lowering of the Vyvance dosage this summer to see if it is not as needed as before. We will push back on full mainstreaming because we would rather slowly pull him out as not to over interrupt him.

By no means is removing something from ones diet an easy task and takes time. Shop well app can help you with some of this. Just keep trying different combos and you will find out some very interesting things.

Side note the brian produces over 30 different chemicals so which ones that are out of balance can cause ADHD. So we have to find what we can adjust to help balance that chemical(s) that is/are out of balance.

This is great way to have a compromise in the family. Good luck and stay positive. I hope that some of this helps.