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This is my life. All the time. People keep comparing themselves to me “oh that happens to me too”, sure Agatha, it might happen to you too but this is my life??? Like this isn’t a bad day I’m having, I literally can’t focus on my friends’ conversations not even when they’re important; my impulse control is better but it still pushed people away as I was growing up because I was weird, or a jerk, or awkward; I can’t make myself move to do something if my asshole of a brain doesn’t find it stimulating enough, no I’m not being lazy because you also don’t want to do things sometimes but you’re able to do them anyway, my body will literally not allow me to move; I “overreact” and am “way too sensitive” all the time because my RSD will take everything as the ultimate rejection; people tell me to stop overthinking like it’s easy and I’m the one making things more complicated than they have to be; I can’t sleep at night if I don’t “distract” my brain long enough to fall asleep because otherwise my thoughts will drive me crazy. This isn’t just a bad day for me, it’s my life.