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I understand your frustration. I’ve heard people do the same, jokingly say they have ADD just because they’re slightly scattered that day and forgot something. They have no idea of the true depths and impact of ADHD. I have a co-worker who’s son goes to school in a very affluent and competitive school district. When I told her about my daughter’s ADHD diagnosis she said I was so lucky because then my daughter can get accommodations to more easily get better grades, that she knows parents have pushed for a diagnosis for this reason. I was shocked and angered, and believe these sort of people as well as unintentional misdiagnoses have contributed to people not really understanding what this condition is like and/or not taking seriously parents who are struggling to manage their kids’ condition. I have friends who have told me it’s just puberty, or have made comments alluding to our struggles being simply a question of needing better parenting skills.