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I hear you it is so frustrating because it is so complex. My daughter started having issue in Kindergarden with finishing work and attention and it has been a rollar coaster from them on with counseling, med changes, I even moved into different houses thinking space would help her. Long story short, it was finally apparent that anxiety is another HUGE component that she is dealing with. The worse part is that ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety all go together but everyones proportions are different. As a single mom, who takes meds for anxiety and attention as well, it is sooo hard to explain to other people what it feels like. I am constantly told, “just so it” “just manage it” I cant manage to manage! People dont understand.

I am finally starting to just focus on myself and my daughter because I’ve learned it does not help to rely on the help of others when they dont even understand what needs to be done. It’s hard when you’ve done things on your own to ask for help but i finally seeked help with the community programs on parenting and thru my employer in terms of Paid FMLA to help focus on what my daughter needs. it is definatlyy hard hard hard!