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It seems like I’ve found a home in this thread. I too struggle with adult ADHD and the boring, every day tasks of paying bills, sending thank you cards and cleaning my house.

But I have amazing talents too. I seem to make connections at light speed that no one else in the room sees and amazes them. I’m creative and can see the big picture that just let everything fall into place when planning activities and events. I can work tirelessly on some things that require a great deal of focus if I am inspired. And, when the panic monster sets in, I can accomplish things like cleaning and organizing the house for impending visitors that astounds my husband.

It takes its toll — after such projects I have to rest for a day or two — but now that i’ve accepted this is who I am, I’m slowly learning to live with it in my late 40s.

And with meds and coping mechanisms, I can approach the difficulties with a better attitude and don’t let it get me down as much as it used to.

I think your therapist is wrong. There is no mansplaining needed for ADD/ADHD. Us women struggle with ADD more because we’re stereotypically expected to remember dates, make sure the family is on time, keep the house clean, pay bills, buy presents, feed everyone, etc.

But that’s not because of our gender. It’s because of society. If you don’t accept that, and don’t let other people belittle you like that, you’ll find it very liberating.

That therapist is full of crap. Find a new one that will work with who you are, instead of trying to fit you into a mold you don’t go in.