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I agree with metalback. I was diagnosed at 62 years of age. I tried meds, but while having clarity was wonderful, other side effects were non-negotiable. Now I work with nutritional supplements and diet. That helps, but you really have to stay on top of it. Also, find out what your strengths are and work those into your life. Now I’m an artist. Usually I have a ticker-tape of thought running through my head at all times regardless of what I am doing or who I’m with. It’s there even when I sleep. But when I hyperfocus, as I do when I am painting, the ticker-tape is gone. As for my weaknesses, I try to find tricks to deal with them. For instance, cleaning house while listening to audio books is like sending my brain to its room while my body take care of the necessaries. Making sure my keys, purse and wallet always go in the same place when I walk in the door. It is still hit and miss, but it’s better. So….ignore the people who criticize, abuse, naysay, etc. You can’t control them…don’t try. Just do what you can do. Find your bliss, your strength. Let that feed you. Next month I leave for Florence, Italy. My ADD is all over it! Strange places, Art, discovery, trying new things., meeting new people….or not, it’s ok to be a loner. Letting myself BE who I am. What would you do if you could do anything or go anywhere? What would that life look like? Blessing to all of you who have posted…..this was a wonderful read!