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I too, understand your thoughts. I wasn’t diagnosed until my late 30’s. I was in grade school through the 60’s. Teachers had no idea what ADD was back then, it wasn’t even ADD. Some teachers thought I was lazy, some thought I wasn’t being challenged, and some thought I was just a bad kid. I was naturally a very shy kid, then add ADD and grade school… was truly a nightmare. No one knew what was wrong with me, I just thought I was a bad kid. I suffered tremendous anxiety and depression as a child. I didn’t know that was what was happening, I just knew I was miserable, sad, anxious and just dreaded school. When I hear people popping off that they think they must be ADD I just want to scream. Those people are making light of a disorder that is devastating to those of us who truly carry that burden. I’m in my early 60’s, still suffer from ADD, but I’ve learned how to help get past it. And your mind slows down some as you get older and that really helps. But with all the pain I’ve suffered from ADD, and it has been a lot. I wouldn’t change my life. Because of ADD I lived all over, I got to see so much, I took a few jobs in dangerous places and saw things not many ever will. Hobbies became huge for my ADD, I learned about so many things to satisfy my drive, didn’t stay with them after I accomplished becoming proficient, but instead moved on to something new. I never used drugs after my diagnosis but I learned some techniques to help. I hope each of you are getting the correct guidance with this issue, but look for the good in ADD, there is good in it. Never make excuses for ADD, you can explain, but always own the bad, but move on……every day is a new beginning, the sun comes up, the birds sing, and you can have the hope of a glorious day.