Reply To: Social life of family


Oh, it has changed so much. I was never particularly close with my family, but now it feels almost non-existent. I get blamed for being a single parent, and told if there was a “man” in the house, my son wouldn’t act this way. That I am not strict enough, that I am this, and that, that I shouldn’t medicate him, or let him “get away” with his behavior. My brother and his family moved here, and my mom immediately started babysitting for them, even though it’s a two-parent home and they have money to spare, and I begged her for years babysit, for even just an hour, so I can have some time to myself, and she always made up excuses as to why she can’t. The thing is, my son isn’t poorly behaved, he’s just a bit more rambunctious. People just assume ADHD means they are just hyper and struggle with focusing, but it is so layered and has so many other things that affect them so much more.