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Swami Salami

I feel you, the struggle is real as they say.

A psychiatrist once told me that one of the criteria to get an ADHD diagnosis is that you should experience fundamental problems in at least two life areas, e.g. work, school, social etc. She told me that if you meet all ADHD criteria but don’t experience problems in at least two life areas (which would be some kind of miracle), you can’t be diagnosed with ADHD. So I guess you could say that besides the neurological part, an ADHD diagnosis has a lot to do with circumstances too.

In theorry that means that you could ‘buy of’ your ADHD.. If you would hire someone to do lots of things for you in the life areas that you normally struggle with -so you can focus on the things that you’re good at and you don’t struggle with these problems anymore because someone else took over- a diagnosis wouldn’t be valid (according to the psychiatrist I spoke with). That’s basically what a lot of rich / famous people do, who have a disorder like ADHD. And then some people say things like “These celebrities are proof that a medical disorder doesn’t have to be an excuse for not living a full and happy life.”, which is kind of ignorant to say the least.

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