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I cannot agree with ricorori strongly enough. I’ll say it again because it cannot be said enough times. His behavior is abusive. ADHD offers an explanation NOT an excuse. The extent of the explanation it offers here is that individuals with ADHD often struggle with poor emotional regulation. Anger that comes on quickly and disappears quickly can be a recognizable pattern of behavior in many people with ADHD. That doesn’t excuse that behavior. It offers an explanation so others can give them a little extra grace while those individuals USE that information in figuring out the best strategies and treatment plans to build skills, avoid triggers, etc so that they can CHANGE or REDUCE the behavior. He knows that his anger and rage is hurting you and not only is her not trying to fix his behavior he is blaming you for his behavior. Re-read ricorori’s post a couple times over, read Bancroft’s book! You do not deserve a lifetime of abuse.

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